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We are entrepreneur-investors that love the blank pages, creativity and passion. We exist to support entrepreneurs on their emotional and business challenges.

Investment Thesis - Companies

(in alphabetical order)

Bloom Care - Health for Moms, Dads and their Kids

"Bloom Care is about taking care of who really matter"

Cariuma - Consciously made sneakers

“Sustainable sneakers, feel crazy comfortable & are made from organic canvas, leather, & suede”

Fabri - Food delivery at scale

"Virtual kitchens providing memorable gastronomic experience to customers”

Holistix - Wellness DNVB

“A mission-driven wellness ecosystem dedicated to empowering active women to create healthier habits”

iSow - Social Investment

"iSow offers the possibility to treat your social actions as social investments"

Kria - The democratization of capital

“A platform that allows entrepreneurs seeking capital to directly connect with people”

Monis - Financial education

“A solution that makes users save money for their dreams, without thinking about it”

Musa - Waste management

“Technology that simplifies, creates financial savings and ensures sustainable impact”

Origem - Sustainable mobility

“Accelerate and democratize the adoption of electric vehicles in Latin America”

Rabbot - Mobility optimization // EXIT

“Orchestrate your vehicles and assets management”

SetYou - Supplements for a better life

"Customized daily supplement for your goals"

Tera - Education // EXIT (EXIT > NASDAQ: ARCE)

The Question Mark CO - Plant-based personalized products

“Our purpose is to bring healthier food and social environmental consciousness”

Todas Group - Gender equity

"Unlocking women potential and careers"

Youpix - Creator economy

“Empowering Creators and Brands”

Zenklub - Mental and emotional health platform

"Zenklub offer online sessions with thousands of psychologists, psychoanalysts, coaches, and therapists, in addition to training socio-emotional education"

André de Escobar


Bob Wollheim


Rodrigo Cunha


Mateus Ribeiro


Enrico Carbone


  • Sao Paulo + Ilhabela + Palo Alto, Brazil & USA
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